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You are part of a unique community, and there are so many ways to contribute and stay involved. Whether you are a professional interpreter, translator, or cultural ambassador, we invite you to share your knowledge and expertise with fellow NLSC members through social media and regional events.

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Regional Events

Please check here regularly to learn about upcoming opportunities in your area. Future events will be added as details are finalized.

NLSC Hawaii & Western Pacific Regional Event - American Translators Association (ATA) Info Session
Hawaii & Western Pacific Region
May 15, 2021
Log on for more information.
NLSC Mountain Regional Event - American Translators Association (ATA) Info Session
Mountain Region
May 15, 2021
Log on for more information.
NLSC Southern Regional Event - American Translators Association (ATA) Info Session
Southern Region
May 15, 2021
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how using languages changes your world


What’s your story

Every NLSC member has a story to tell about their passion for language. We hope you find these stories inspiring!

Monica V.
Mid-Atlantic Region

Shortly after I became an NLSC member, an international law enforcement agency in DC needed help to reduce their translation backlog. The NLSC provided a team of Spanish linguists to translate arrest warrants. Shortly after joining the team, I realized that my help was integral to enabling onsite mission areas and related law enforcement arms to do their jobs. I distinctly remember that one document that the NLSC team translated revealed information that initiated several events and led to the apprehension of an internationally sought-after criminal. This was a moment of pride for me and the rest of the NLSC team of translators. The NLSC was able to provide the assistance required to catch an international criminal before he fled the country.

This is the impact that the NLSC strives to achieve: to provide the necessary help to serve the country through their members. NLSC members are dedicated to giving our best to the country. When we are called on, we respond with our language skills, cultural knowledge, and professional expertise to help U.S. government agencies fulfill their missions. It is a profound honor to be a member of the NLSC.


your skills and expand your talents

Resources to reinforce your language skills
Resources to strengthen your cultural competence
So, you are an American? A Guide to Answering Difficult Questions Abroad

U.S. State Department resources about cross-cultural communication and answering sensitive questions about American life and culture when abroad.
Culture Field Guides

U.S. Air Force Culture and Language Center guides to help U.S. forces succeed in culturally complex environments

Defense Language and National Security Education Office's collection of language study and culture training resources
Resources for your regional knowledge
Yellow Book

The U.S. Government's current travel health guidelines, including desination-specific vaccines, health advice, maps, and information

The TravWell application contains U.S. Government guidance for safe and healthy international travel
Traveler’s Checklist

U.S. State Department's advice for safe travel, including warnings and insurance recommendations
Smart Traveler Enrollment Program

A U.S. State Department program that allows U.S. citizens to enroll their trip with the nearest U.S. embassy or consulate while abroad
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