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Show your interest in the National Language Service Corps

We’re sorry that we can’t offer membership to you at this time. Currently, Federal law limits membership to U.S. citizens.

But circumstances change, so we’d love to know that you’re interested in applying when these limits change. It is also very helpful for us to have an idea of how many individuals can’t join now, but they would if they could. If you would like to be notified when there is a change, please complete the form below.


Select the languages that you speak:
  1. Enter a language in the box below and click “SEARCH”.
    • If the language is recognized in our database, the results of your search will appear under Language Matches below.
    • If the language is not recognized in our database, please click on the “Language not found?” link below.
  2. Click the 'Add' button next to the language(s) for which you wish to apply.
  3. You may select up to 6 languages. Repeat steps 1 and 2 for each additional language that you speak.

Language search tips:

  • The language search finds all languages that contain the string of characters that you enter, no matter where in the language name that string falls. For example, "Pak" will find all languages containing this letter combination, i.e. Paku, Sipakapense, and Karakalpak.
  • Search for languages one at a time.
If you still could not find the language you speak in the list, please contact us at:
Phone: +1 888 SAY NLSC (729-6572)
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Please tell us how you first learned about the NLSC.

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