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About Our Logo

National Language Service Corps Logo

Our logo represents unity, diversity of people, and language.

It reflects that NLSC Members, a diverse group representing over 390 languages, cross cultural boundaries by speaking more than one language and work together towards a greater good. A shade of at least one of the six colors of the logo appears in all national flags, symbolizing the NLSC's support of the global community. Each thread in the logo is part of a woven fabric without a finished edge, representing the fact that languages are not limited by human-made borders.

The weave itself signifies that any individual or individual language can perform alone, but when working together, individuals become something far more versatile that protects and adds beauty to our world. Similarly, individual threads are stronger when woven together than each is separately symbolizing the best of human nature we see exhibited when we unite together in times of crisis and emergency across the globe.

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