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You hear it on the news -- heavy flooding here ... wildfires there ... and people need help. You find yourself thinking that you wish you could help others and make a difference in times of disasters like these. But how?

Here’s something to think about: Chances are, in any major disaster within the United States, some of the victims don’t speak English because we are a country of people who speak many languages. In fact, over 150 are spoken in the United States. Imagine how you might feel if you were caught in the middle of a disaster and unable to ask for help because you couldn't speak the local language. Are you thinking, "I speak and understand more than one language -- can I put that skill to good use helping others?" If so, keep reading because you’ve come to the right place.

We are the National Language Service Corps -- the NLSC. Our mission is to maintain a ready pool of people like you who can speak, listen and understand English and other languages. These volunteers can be called upon in time of need to use their interpreting and translating skills to help others in the United States and around the world during short-term projects. If that describes you, we offer you the opportunity to join us to help others in times of emergency or crisis wherever they may be. Your abilities could truly make a difference for the good of all.

Currently, we are conducting a pilot program that is testing how the NLSC can assist individuals like you to use their language skills to help others. We are looking for individuals, like you, who are willing to become Charter Members and help us create an organization to get the job done. Please consider joining us in this pilot program and get in on the ground floor. Your participation will make the NLSC a reality.

Effective communication can give us the power to understand one another; the NLSC harnesses that power to help our country gain a deeper understanding of all countries, cultures, and peoples. We are confident your language skills can make the United States and the world a better place.

Somewhere there are people who need help, in their language. Be one who offers that help. Use your language skills to bridge the divide between cultures.

Find out more by exploring our web site and click the Apply button to submit your application.

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