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Applying to the NLSC - (Requirements and Skills)

What are the minimum requirements to be a NLSC Member?

If you are 18 years of age, a United States citizen, fluent in English and any other language(s), and have a desire to use your language(s) in the service of others, you are eligible to become a NLSC Member!

What languages is the NLSC recruiting?

The NLSC accepts speakers of any language. The languages needed at any given time are defined by the agencies that request NLSC services.

Does the NLSC offer its Members financial compensation?

Yes, the NLSC offers financial compensation but only when you accept and work on an assignment to support a language need. You will be hired as a temporary federal employee and paid an hourly stipend for time spent working on an assignment, plus reimbursement for relevant travel expenses.

Are you hiring?

The NLSC does not offer full-time or part-time jobs. The NLSC responds to federal agencies’ needs for language skills in emergencies or surge requirements. For this reason, we do not maintain any postings or offer any job location services. Once a federal agency identifies a need, NLSC Members are notified about the potential assignment. Interested and available Members, then go through a screening and selection process in order to find the best match for the assignment. Accordingly, it is important to keep your contact information updated.

Does the NLSC offer internships?

The NLSC does not currently offer internships.

What am I becoming part of by enrolling into the NLSC?

By enrolling in the NLSC, you are joining a national pool of on-call volunteers who are willing to volunteer their language skills to serve the Federal Government in times of need. In essence, you are saying “I’m here if you need my language skills.” If an assignment comes up that matches your language and skills, we will contact you; however, the decision to participate in the assignment is yours. You may decline any assignment, without penalty, based upon your interest and availability.

Do you accept permanent residents?

At this time, the NLSC can only enroll individuals who are U.S. citizens. If you are not a citizen and want to express interest in joining, please click here .

Is there any cost to join?

Membership is free.
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